Inkshklabob and the Posh Pig Palace

St. Vincent de Paul GNS 6th Class 20 January 2010
Once upon a time, Inkshklabob fell in love with a pig. He decided that when the pig got older he would open a nursing home for her.

The pig’s name was Gertrude.

Chubby Charlie came over one day. He was overwhelmed by the pig’s smell and he licked his lips. He thought the pig looked tasty!

He jumped over the fence before Inkshklabob could catch him because Chubby Charlie was protecting the pig.

After the chase, Gertrude got caught in the fence trying to get out.  Chubby Charlie went to Inkshklabob’s dad’s barbeque to check it was working properly.

Later on, Inkshklabob decided that all pigs were in danger from Chubby Charlie, so he set up a nursing home for pigs in his garage called The Posh Pig Palace.

Chubby Charlie went to the Posh Pig Palace and applied for a job in the canteen dressed as an old lady.

“I just love pigs,” said Chubby Charlie while licking the drool from his lips.

“You smell like my friend Chubby Charlie,” said Inkshklabob. “Besides, old ladies scare the pigs.”
The next day Chubby Charlie returned disguised as ….