This Isn't It

Balrothery National School, Balbriggan.5th/6th Class.18th October 2011
Bouncy was thinking of a way to get rid of stripy socks.

He was at Micheal Jackson’s funeral, and realized he wanted to be the next MJ.  

While at the funeral, he was thinking that when he became the next MJ he would tell people…NO MORE STRIPEY SOCKS!

Bouncy bumped into his friend Gary, and Gary asked him why he was afraid of stripey socks.

“Well,” said Bouncy, “it all started when my granddad gave me a pair. I realised I had no feet and I was upset because they were lovely socks. I put them in the bin, and ever since I’ve been afraid they’re haunting me!!” Bouncy exclaimed. 

Now: Bouncy has green hair, one eye is green and the other is really big, and blue; he’s REALLY big, with springs instead of feet, and a massive mouth.

Bouncy had always admired MJ, and thought it was a shame that the world would be without its greatest star.

He realised the power that MJ had and wanted to use it to rid the world of stripey socks FOREVER.

“I don’t really know how this master plan will work out,” Bouncy thought to himself. “People think I’m mean, but I’m actually really nice.” 

Bouncy bounced day and night, singing and dancing away.

After many months of practice, he decided to take his talents to the X-Factor. 

On the day of his audition, Bouncy disguised himself as a human. When he walked on stage he tripped over his springs and he was so nervous, that he wet himself.

He sang the song Billy-Jean. In the middle of the song, he decided to do the moonwalk, but tripped over Gary the judge and sent him to hospital!

Just as he tripped, his human disguise fell off and everyone saw him for the monster he really was…