It' Not Good Grilled

St Joseph's CBS Fairview, 6th Class, 2nd June 2009
Stev-o wakes up, goes to the toilet and then goes to the kitchen to have a bowl of corn flakes. He is sad because he wants toast.

Reese, Stev-o’s imaginary best friend, knocks his secret knock on the door.

Stev-o says to him, “Come through the window, I am not opening that door. It is scary.”

Reese then comes into the kitchen and Stev-o says, “Knock on the window from now on.”

Reese replies, “What is your problem with doors?”

“A door closed on my head and I had to have surgery. Doors are evil” Stev-o tells him.

“I’ve got a new, real toaster called Tony,” says Reese.
Stev-o is frustrated and angry and decides he wants his toast now! He tries to grill some toast on the grill but it burns to a crisp.

Stev-o imagines the perfect toaster, which is brown, that makes seven slices of toast at once.

Stev-o knows he will called it Pedro. He realises he has to have it and he calls the Gardai to knock his door down.