It's Simply Denna

St.Kevina s BNS, Finglas West. 6th Class. 16th December 2009.
Denna was walking down the road with his dog, Cula Bula.  He had a bottle of beer.

He was going down to collect his money from the labour and the security wouldn’t let him in because he had a bottle.

He was very angry because he needed the money for  beer. 

He dumped the beer and went into the labour to collect his money. When he came out he found his beer again but somebody had drank it.  It was Cula Bula.

He went to Lidl and he bought his groceries. He went to the off licence and got more beer.  As he straggled out of the off licence he tripped over Cula Bula. He dropped all his groceries and his beer. 

“Cula Bula” he screamed. The dog got all sad and started crying. Denna felt sorry for Cula Bula and let him eat all the groceries.

He went to Papa Sorento’s and asked for free bags of chips.  Sorento felt sorry for him, that’s why he gave them to him. He got home with his bag of chips and the landlord told him his rent was overdue.

He gave his chips to the landlord.“Please give me one more day. I lost all my groceries and my money” said Denna. 

The landlord said “OK but this is your last chance! If you don’t pay tomorrow you’re out”….