Jake and the Big Adventure

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School, Darndale, 2nd Class, 23 October 2017

Once upon a time there was a ghost called Jake. He lived in a haunted house in the woods.

It was pitch black in the woods. Jake hadn’t eaten anything in 3000 years!

Jake met his best friend in the middle of a swamp!

Jake had been out on an adventure when he found a little kitten.

He named this cat Dragon because he had fangs and wings!

As the years went by the kitten got bigger and became a big cat.

The two friends had a chat.

“We can go to Ghost-town” said Jake.

“But I can’t go to Ghost-Town!” replied Dragon, “because it’s only for ghosts!”

Jake had an idea. “Maybe we could go down to the secret passage so we can find a potion to turn you into a ghost”

Dragon the cat was nervous. He was afraid of being a ghost and he was also afraid that he wouldn’t be able to turn back into a cat.

Jake and Dragon set off on their adventure.

They went down into the sewer.

They saw great white sewer sharks.

Jake and Dragon were petrified that the sharks were going to jump up and eat them…!