Jammy and Morgz Travel the World

St Helen’s National School, Portmarnock, 5th Class, 24 May 2016 

My name is Jammy Jampson the squirrel. Help! I’m stuck in a tree. 

I have been up here all day. I was going to get food, but somehow I got stuck.

I have been shouting down to all of the animals, my friends, but nobody heard me except my best friend, Morgz the cow. 

I’m worried because I think this will ruin Morgz birthday. It was Morgz’s 21st birthday. Because I am stuck in the tree, I haven’t had a chance to buy my best friend a present. 

Morgz is curious about what I am doing at the top of the tree.

“What are you doing up there? It’s my birthday!” shouts Morgz.

“Well I kinda, sorta got stuck,” I reply, feeling helpless.

“Have you even got me a present?” Morgz asked. “I’d really like a first class ticket around the world,” 

“Are you nuts?” I reply. “That would cost me a fortune but I’d do anything to make you happy.” 

Meanwhile Morgz has an idea about how to get me down from the tree. He knows my greatest fear is belly buttons and so when I see his belly button, I get such a fright that I lose grip of the branch and fall towards the ground. 

By chance, I land on my best friend’s back and suddenly he takes off like the wind...