Jar Wars

Glasnevin Educate Together National School, 4th Class, 2nd November 2009
Bob, the pickle with the sombrero, was doing the ironing when a crazy kung-fu goat jumped in through the window.

‘You’ve done a better entry!’ said Bob.

‘Thank you. Who are you?’ asked Horns the goat.

‘I’m Bob and this is my house. I call it a pickle jar. This is pickle jar land in the wonderful country of Kitchen Press.

‘Could you get out of my house now? I’m about to take a vinegar shower.’

Meanwhile, the evil shape-changing mashed potato was outside trying to take over the world – and causing MASH destruction!

He was trying to take over the world, one dishwasher at a time.

His name was Mash – and he fell off the counter into the stinky bin of doom.

‘It’s a good thing this is my hideout – because I just stole all the jewels in the house,’ he cackled.

Earlier, Bob had pushed the Pink Pickle into the bin by accident. Now she was being kept prisoner by Mash’s henchmen, the Bangers.

Back in the pickle jar, Horns told Bob: ‘I think you pushed the Pink Pickle in the bin earlier.  She’s my daughter. Adopted, of course!’

Bob really liked the pink pickle and wanted to help save her.

They had no plan.

So they just jumped straight into the bin!

They got kicked out again straight away by the Bangers.

Mash turned into a giant foot and kicked them to the bedroom!

‘We need a plan,’ admitted Horns.

‘We need a remote-control car to get back to Kitchen Press,’ Bob said...