The Jealousy of Pete the Peanut

St. Mary's NS, 09/06/10, 4th Class

Dear Diary,

Hi, my name is Pete the Peanut pop-star. I’m just back from a concert. I really like to sing. I tour all over Ireland.

Some day I wish to dance like Michael Jackson. I tried to climb up the Spire during my last concert, but I fell down.

Luckily there was a trampoline, but unluckily I fell through it.

Today I had to go to the zoo and play a few songs. At the zoo I saw a giant elephant and it made me very afraid. I ran away to McDonalds where I met Harry the Hamburger. I promised him that I would let him sing at my next concert.

Later that night, we went to sing karaoke together where I learned that he had a very bad voice.

But I had a plan! I wanted Harry the Hamburger to lip-sync during the concert so no one would hear his voice.

What I did not know was that Harry the Hamburger could dance like Michael Jackson.

He danced so well on stage that it made me jealous.

 Also, the giant elephant was in the crowd, and when she saw Harry the Hamburger dancing she jumped on stage.

She looked like she was in love with Harry…