Jeff & Jill went up the hill

​KETNS. 6th Class, County Galway, 27 October 2017

Jill the unicorn was flying really fast and she landed beside Jeff.

He said ‘WOAH! I should give you a speeding ticket’.

‘Hi I’m Jeff and I’m a policeman!’  said Jeff.

‘Hi Jeff, I’m Jill’ replied Jill the unicorn.

They were in a rain forest in the amazon jungle.

Jeff tells Jill he would love to fly. 

‘Please please can you help me fly?’

‘Only if you get rid of my speeding ticket’ said Jill. 

‘It’s a deal’ said Jeff’

Jill the unicorn has magical powers and she can make Jeff the sloth fly.

Jeff stores his food in a hole in a tree. He keeps it locked away and has a huge key. 

Mick the monkey is am evil robber and steals food in the amazon.

He pick pockets Jeff the sloth and steals the huge key…