Jeff, Joely and The Devil

ST ATRACTAS ​2nd Class, County Wicklow, 17 October 2019

Once upon a DJ, Jeff the DJ is born. When Jeff was 2 he wanted to be a DJ. His first fear of devils started when he was 1.

He went to DJ school and he met his best friend there called Joely.

Jeff asked Joely ‘whats his name and what does he like to do. Joely said he wanted to be a football player.

At his 3rd Birthday he begged his Mum and Dad for a pig called Cotton. His Mum and Dad bought him a DJ set because they knew he wanted to be a DJ.

He started whining because he didn’t really want it then.

At 10 years of age he had his first show. But a devil showed up at his show. The devil went backstage.

Jeff doesn’t know the devil is backstage. Joely suspects that the devil wants to kidnap Jeff.