A Jelly Bean, a Band and a Whole Lot of Drama

St. Patricks G.N.S. Hollypark Foxrock, Dublin 18. 5th Class
“Piggy, can I please be in your band?” asks Banana the Ninja Monkey.

illustration story 1 “If you want to be in my band, you have to be able to fight crime,” Piggy replies.

They are standing in a clearing, in the middle of the Amazon.  Banana the Ninja Monkey is wearing a ninja suit, while Piggy is wearing a black leather jacket, black shades and jeans. 

The name of Piggy’s band is the ‘The Flyin’ Piggies.’

Banana the Ninja Monkey asks Piggy, “how can I prove it to you?”

Before Piggy can answer, Veronica Pasta, Piggy’s true love, dances in.

“Hey, what are you guys talking about?” asks Veronica.

illustration story 2“Why are you dancing?” asks Banana the Ninja Monkey.

“I’m practising for the show tomorrow,” Veronica replies.

Just then, the evil Jelly Bean man, the most evil Jelly Bean in the Amazon, swoops in on a vine, yelling and banging his chest. 

He says, “I’m sorry my love, but you’re not gonna make the show.”

He grabs Veronica by the bow on her hair and swoops away.
Piggy has a nervous breakdown. He says to Banana the Ninja Monkey,”OMG, the show is ruined…Oh, I mean, poor Veronica.”

“If I save Veronica, can I then be in your band?” Banana the Ninja Monkey asks him.

“OK, dealio,” says Piggy, wiping the sweat and the tears off his face, while recovering from his nervous breakdown…