The Jelly Takes it All

St.Marys Rathmines. 3rd Class. 15th December 2009
Early one morning, Fred the Jelly Monster and his best friend, Jib Job Bob the Chocolate Monster, were playing rugby.

Fred said to Jib Job Bob, ”we only have twenty days before the sun comes out.  I will melt in the sun. I need to recreate a giant lazer to eliminate the sun.” Jib Job Bob replied, “what are you talking about? I never knew you had created a giant lazer.”

Fred said, “well I’m not moving to Sweden again, the lazer won’t work there.”

Jib Job Bob said, “well, I guess you’re right.  We should start right away.”










The two friends were in the middle of Main Street in China. It was starting to rain. While they were talking, they didn’t notice that in their house, looking out the window, was a spy, listening to their every word…