Jelly Tots and Sapphire

Our Lady Immaculate Junior National School, Darndale, 2nd Class, 25 May 2017 

“Let’s get back to work,” said Sapphire to Jelly Tots. 

They were training how to be superheroes when the Evil Alarm went off.

“EVIL ALERT! EVIL ALERT!” was the sound coming from the alarm, which flashed black and red.

Jelly Tots and Sapphire looked at the cameras from their secret underground cave.

They could see evil people tearing up the town.

There was a person with lava powers who could turn into a dragon and shoot fire balls.

“Run! We need to get all the people into our underground cave before it’s too late!” said Jelly Tots.

“We need to hurry before they destroy the city and the civilians have nowhere to live,” said Sapphire.

Jelly Tots made a jelly plane out of his peanut and jelly super powers.

They flew into the city together in order to defeat the evil lava person...