Jerry and the Giant Penguin

Scoil Cholmcille SNS, 5th Class, 27/1/2010
Hello, my name is Jerry Smig. This is my best friend Henry the pengiun.

I always wanted to have a giant penguin. On my last birthday my mam got me Henry the penguin.

My biggest fear is the boogieman.  When I was four, I read a book about him and it was very scary. My penguin is not scared of the boogieman. He is my bodyguard.

I’ve wanted a giant penguin since I heard about the boogieman, so that he could protect me.  He could also keep Henry company.

I think Henry is scared of my dad because he has a big unibrow and hair coming from his ears. Everytime Henry sees my dad he slithers under my bed like a snake.

One day it was snowing and I was on Henry’s back sliding down the hill. I fell off his back and he disappeared into the forest. I was very worried and afraid that the boogieman was in the forest.

I heard a big rumble from the ground and a giant penguin came out of nowhere. He said he saw Henry sliding through the forest.

Out of nowhere, the boogieman jumped out of a tree. The boogieman had green hair, a big lumpy nose, a tattered t-shirt, and really short trousers.

The boogieman started throwing beefy burgers at the penguin…