Jessie the Horse and the 37 Metre Long Flying Cod

Divine Word National School Rathfarnham 5th Class 6th September 2011
Once there was a flabbergasted horse called Jessie. She was renting a stable with a bunch of flying goats and multicoloured pigeons.

Both the goats and the pigeons were able to fly to the top of a nearby mountain where a very rare type of grass was growing.

It only grew once every million years and if you ate it, it made you immortal

Jessie wanted to eat the grass as well but couldn’t because she didn’t have wings.

However, she knew of a magical cod who could teach her how to grow wings.

The only problem was he was a really mean old cod, 37 feet long and liked to eat horses.

Jessie worked up her courage and decided to take the underwater bus (16A) down to Atlantis where the cod lived.

Before she left she rang her best friend Rampage Jackson, the world-famous UFC fighter, and asked him to come with her.

Rampage said, “I’d really like to come with you but my greatest fear is water.”

Jessie said, “You’re a chicken.”

“Ok, fine!” said Rampage. “I’ll go just to prove you wrong.”

Together they set off on their journey to Atlantis.