Jimbo Saves the Day

​Breaffy National School, 3rd Class, 12th January 2016

Squishy the marshmallow monster was sitting on a fudge log.  She was lost in the middle of the candy forest when suddenly she spotted a long chocolate river. 

The river reminded her of happier days and memories of swimming on Chocolannagh Lake near her home. 

Then suddenly she spotted her own shadow and started running around a tall fudge tree in fear.

She slipped on a bon bon rock candy and fell over. “Lord save me Jimbo Candy God,”  she prayed desperately to her best friend Jimbo the Candy God, “what on earth am I going to do now?”

Squishy looked up at the beautiful blue sky and saw Jimbo the Candy God flying towards her.

“Jimbo, Jimbo thank goodness it’s you, have you come to save me?”   she wailed.

In her excitement, Squishy ate a bon bon rock candy, and realised it was not Jimbo the Candy God but a giant Gummy Bear candy meteor!