Jimmy’s Journey

St. Fiachras SNS, 6th Class, 25th November 2020

Jimmy was a T-Rex and had a very simple life. Until one day his brother, Timmy went missing. His Uncle Sam kidnapped him. Jimmy was devastated. 

It was up to Jimmy to find Timmy. And on his way to find him, he met his friend, Fred the Frog.

Jimmy and his best friend were on a lifelong mission to defeat Uncle Sam. 

They weren’t sure where to go next. They found a note on the table from Uncle Sam.

“If you ever want to find your brother, you’ll have to find me first.

I’m keeping him as a slave in my cave,” the note said. 

Jimmy and Fred looked everywhere for the cave.

They found a cave that all the other dinosaurs said never to enter. 

“Do you think we should go in?” said Fred. 

“Yes,” Jimmy replied. 

Jimmy was filled with fury and went straight in without thinking twice.

Then Jimmy and Fred encountered Uncle Sam’s other slaves...