Jimmy and Mustard’s Adventure

St Mary’s Boys National School, Maynooth, 3rd Class, 14 September 2016 

Mustard the sausage and Jimmy the potato were at Croke Park watching the final. They were sitting in a box of chips in the top row of seats.

A man was holding the box, and every time he reached for a chip, mustard and Jimmy dodged his hand.

“Jump out!” said Jimmy. 

Just then, the man grabbed Jimmy, looked at him and said, “Hm, a rotten potato?” and then  threw him into the next row. 

Mustard the sausage had always wanted to meet a dragon and he wished a dragon could save Jimmy. 

Mustard pretended to be a chip and when the man picked him up, he slapped at the man and jumped into the next row and found Jimmy.

“Let’s get out of here,” said Jimmy. “It’s too dangerous with the humans.” 

“And there’s a sausage dog coming for us and that’s worse,” said mustard. 

“Why did we come here?!” said Jimmy and mustard at the same time. 

They knew they had to jump on the sausage dog’s back to run away...