Jimmy's Adventure in Search of the A+

St Michael's National School, Ballyduff Upper, 5th Class, County Cork

Jimmy was on his way home from after-school study with Freddie, when he was ambushed by bullies.

His best friend Freddie fell, so he had to run back to get a plaster for him, but it wouldn't really stick, because he couldn't find a solid part of his body – he had no bones. 

Jimmy started talking to Freddie and the bullies were wondering who he was talking to. 

'Are you alive or must I give you CPR?' cried Jimmy

Freddie said 'Quick you get away, and I'll hold them back'

'You distract the bullies while I leg it!' said Jimmy.

The bullies stood there dumbfounded while he was talking to his imaginary friend.

The bullies blocked Jimmy off so then Jimmy and Freddie came up with another plan.

Jimmy knew the bullies weren't the brightest – so he took out some paper and a pencil and drew some fake 10 euro notes. 

Jimmy then said, 'You should go to MACE to brighten up your day.' 

The bullies said 'We've no money. We'll take your money and go.'

Jimmy handed them the fake 10 euro notes and they ran off to Centra. 

The next day, Jimmy was regretting his choices.

Suddenly he remembered that had a big maths test and had forgotten to study because he was anxious about the bullies.

He went to school extra early to study. 

He was so tired in the middle of the test he fell asleep...