Joe and the Giant Pig

St Fiachra’s Junior National School, Beaumont, 2nd Class, 3 February 2016 

Once upon a time there was a three-legged horse called Joe. He had a baby.

Joe the three-legged horse met his friend, Flying Jack the rainbow pig. 

Flying Jack the rainbow pig was the superhero of doodling. He lived in a mansion with a pool. 

“Give me a loan of your mansion, bro!” said Joe.

“No,” Jack replied. “Please leave or I won’t be your friend.”

Joe got jealous of Jack because he was a flying pig and this was his dream. 

One day Joe sneaked into Jack’s mansion and Jack caught him.

“I’m not spending all my money on this mansion just for you to have it every weekend!” Jack said.

“The house I live in has bees everywhere! I am scared of bees,” said Joe.

On the way home, Joe saw an apple tree and he wanted to eat one of the apples. He banged into it and there was a beehive. The bees started chasing him! 

“Oh no!” Joe screamed. 

Joe ran to the shop and the bees stopped chasing him. Then he saw a potion that could turn him into a girl flying pig. 

Joe said, “That’s how I can live in the mansion!” 

Joe drank the potion...