North Dublin National School Project, Glasnevin, 6th class, 21st October 2019

Once upon a time there was a penguin called Mildred who lived in an icy, icy, icy, icy, land.

Mildred was eating waffles with their best friend Felisha the icy cactus.

But then Johnny the sloth came and took their waffles and they were having none of it.

Mildred was eaten by a shark but the shark had no stomach acid.

Felisha flew off into the horizon to find the waffle.

After the shark ate Mildred the shark died because he couldn’t digest them.

Back home Johnny the sloth had taken the waffles to his evil scientist friend to transform them into the magical berries to make him the strongest sloth on the planet.

Unfortunately, the evil scientist was having a barbeque and couldn’t make the berries until next Wednesday...