Johnny’s Way to Jupiter

St.Fiachra’s SNS, 6th class, 30th September 2021

One Thursday, Johnny the seven-year-old boy and his magic teddy who he brought everywhere went to the scrap yard to collect scraps and materials so they could build a rocket to go to Jupiter.

They collected all the scraps they needed and built their blue and yellow rocket.

They were ready to go to Jupiter.

He brought his friend, Jack who knew how to read and write.

They flew the rocket to Jupiter and met Joe.

Joe was about to get into a different rocket beside where theirs landed.

Jack and Johnny went over to Joe and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to Earth because Jupiterians are really mean to me,” said Joe. 

Joe went into the rocket. Jack and Johnny went in to check if they had everything they needed for the journey and Johnny’s Nanny was in there...