The Journey of Flash and Dodo

St Ultan’s Primary School, Dublin 10, 1st – 6th Class, 6 June 2017 

It was the 21st of April, 2019. Space Jaguars were running around causing trouble.

They walked down the main street looking muscley and tough.

Flash went rougue because they were destroying the city he loved.

An octopus was cruising around the streets with a van full of cages containing spiders.

The octopus let the spiders loose in the centre of town.

Flash was frozen to the spot when he saw the spiders loose in the street.

“OH. MY. GOD,” cried Flash.

Coro the Dodo walked out of Spar with his milkshake and saw Flash.

“Alright, bud?” asked Coro.

“I want to get away!” replied Flash.

“What’s the matter?” Coro asked.

“S-s-s-s-spiders!” Flash said.

Coro started licking his lips when he saw the spiders.

The spiders’ faces trembled in fear as Coro stepped slowly towards them. . .