The Journey to Internet Fame

St Fiachra’s Senior National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 10 November 2016 

One day, Mr. Beanbag was watching YouTube videos, and realised how popular they were.

He wanted to do that himself.

He was watching videos of his friend Fearsome AJ, and he wanted to meet up with him.

He looked him up on KittyBook, and decided to message him. The message said:

“Hey! Do you want to collab?”

He hesitated before pressing the send button. He finally plucked up the courage to send it. 

Fearsome AJ replied an hour later, and said “Let’s do a Shoutout Sunday!”

Mr. Beanbag created an YouTube account straight away called Beanbag457.

On Sunday, they met up on Kitty Boulevard. They set up a camera and started filming.

While they were doing their Shoutout and playing KittyCraft, they saw Tippex coming from the bushes.

Mr. Beanbag was afraid of Tippex because he was afraid it would get in his fur and burn it.

“There’s Tippex, my greatest fear!” said Mr. Beanbag...