The Juicy Journey

St. John’s National School, Ballybrack, 3rd & 4th Class, 18th November 2015

Once upon a time, there was a magic book that mixed together a dog and a hot dog and created Meaty, The Sausage Dog! 

In a house there was a man. A portal opened up in the man’s bathroom.

The man was sitting on the toilet and he went through the portal and it turned him into Toilet Man: half toilet, half man.

Toilet Man wandered off into a forest to try to find out where he is.

He looked into a bush and saw a sausage dog, scared and alone. 

“Hello, little sausage doggie!” 

“Go away you little booger.” 

“Whhhyyyyyyyy  . . . ?” 
said Toilet Man, for ten hours. 

“Stop!” said Sausage Dog. “I’ll talk to you.” 

They talked together for a while and found out they liked the same TV programmes and had similar interests. 

“Do you want to be best friends?” asked Meaty to Toilet Man.

“Yeah!” said Toilet Man. 

“Do you want to help me build my sausage mobile? We need five different pieces to put it together!” said Meaty. 

“Yeah! Let’s do this!” said Toilet Man. 

They wandered into a swamp while they were looking for the sausage mobile parts. 

Then Jimmy the Bacon Frog jumped from the swamp and chased Meaty to the forest. 

“I’m gonna eat you! I’m gonna eat you!” said Jimmy the Bacon Frog. 

Just then, Toilet Man tripped on a rock and fell!

“Go on without me!” cried Toilet Man.

“I’ll never leave you!” said Meaty the Sausage Dog...