Junior the Scary Clown

​Scoil Padre Pio, County Cork, 5th Class 24 March 2017

Once there was a boy called Junior. His father was a clown in the circus, so his father made him become a clown.

Junior the Clown’s best friend was Zak, the boy with fire powers. Junior helped Zak to try and control his powers.

Junior was always bullied in school. It progressed badly as he became a clown, but not just any clown.

He got a bit crazy and did stuff that he would later regret.

One day, Zak woke up with the worst feeling ever. He wanted to burn the whole school down.

But his dad said “You’re not going to school today because we are going somewhere where you can control your fire powers.”

Then his dad took Zak to the car and drove him to an orphanage and left him there.

When people were coming to let people in to the orphanage, Zak bolted out the door and ran away to the circus.

This was where him and Junior became friends. The manager hired Zak to work in the circus as a flame thrower.

The manager didn’t realise that Zak had super powers and thought that he was just really good at throwing flames.

Zak was on his break and saw Junior at the same place. Zak went over to Junior and said “hi”.

Zak told him what had happened with his dad, and asked for help. Junior told Zak about his own dad and how he had forced him to work at the circus.

Junior and Zak made a plan to help each other...