Just Be Yourself

St Laurence O'Toole GNS, 6th Class, 31 March 2009
I felt really embarassed walking through the school on my first day. I met a new friend called Bridget at chess club.
I dropped my glasses and when I looked up, I saw my future husband, a beautiful sparkle standing before me. 

“I’m going to get a pencil from my locker,” I said to Bridget. Secretly, I went to talk to Josh.

“H-H- Hi,” I stuttered.

Josh said, “’S up?”

“Do you have a pencil?” I asked him.

“Here you go,” said Josh.

I laughed and a snort came out and then my pencil fell out of my pocket.

“I found my pencil,” I said to Josh. “ I like your hair.”

He took a comb out and combed his hair and said, “I like it too.”
A blonde girl walked towards me.

The blonde said, “Hi Josh, what’s shakin’? Who’s the ginger?” she asked and gave me a dirty look.

I walked away as everyone started to laugh at me.

I went into the toilet to cry and realised that I was in the boys’ toilet. 

Then Josh walked in and said, “Is there something I should know?”

My face went the same colour as my hair.

The bell rang and I ran into the door. The door said “Pull” but I pushed.

I went home. I was thinking about my first day and about how that blonde looked at me.

I knew from then on I needed a makeover. When the makeover was done, I called Bridget.

She came over and she said, “Wow, you look good but is Penelope in here?”

I said, “OMG, its me.”...