Just Do It

Navan Educate Together NS, 2nd & 3rd Class. 20th June 2011
A boy named Red Ned, who is always angry, really wants to drink Red Bull.

One day he is walking to school with his best friend Skullder. He says to his friend, 

“I’m scared of school because I’m not allowed play with my fireballs in case I hurt somebody.”

“That’s silly,” says Skullder. “Get in there.”

“No, I might trip over and burn the class down like the last time,” replies Red Ned.

“You big baby,” says Skullder.

“Come on, let’s go in to school.  We will sneak in and take the Red Bull from the teacher!”

Skullder comes up with a plan to distract the teacher while Red Ned steals the Red Bull.

Skullder talks to his teacher about his test, while Red Ned sneaks in behind her and takes the Red Bull.

The teacher looks around and sees him with the Red Bull...