The Key and the Garden

Scoil Mhuire's Iosaf, Dorset Street 4th and 5th class
Emily doesn’t have a Mum and Dad.  She goes to school and is in 5th class. 

She doesn’t like school because of her teacher, Mrs. McConkey.

Her Dad ran away and her Mum died when she was two years old.  She’s smart but Mrs. McConkey doesn’t know it. 

Emily lives with her grandparents, next door to Mrs. McConkey.Alice is a very loyal girl and is popular at school. When Alice started school, other girls were mean to her and Emily was her first friend. 

Alice isn’t scared of anything, she’s fierce.

Every morning at nine, Emily and Alice start school.  They finish at four.  They always meet Mrs. McConkey on the way home. 

One day walking home from school, Emily trips on a twig and falls over.  She discovers a small door on a wall.  She doesn’t notice that Mrs. McConkey is following her. 

She tries to open the door, but it is locked. The next day in school Emily notices a big key on Mrs. Mc Conkey’s desk.

Emily sneaks up to the desk when Mrs. McConkey’s back is turned. Emily is about to take the key but Mrs.

McConkey turns to her and asks, “do you have a question or do you need to go out? ”Emily replies, “please can I go to the toilet?”

“Out you go, be quick.”When Mrs. McConkey turns her back, Emily takes the key and leaves the classroom.

She goes back to the door with the key but there is only a brick wall, with no sign of the door…