KFCs Most Wanted

Scoil Fhursa Coolock 4th Class. 19th January 2010
One day, Rasher the Gremlin was walking down the street.

Rasher was planning to rob KFC because the food was so delicious and he thought the chicken looked very nice.

 Then he saw Strong Bob the Monkey.

Strong Bob was the bouncer at KFC and he stopped Rasher from coming in.

Rasher tried to run in under Strong Bob’s legs, but he ran straight into the door.

“AAAAAAAAAHH! My nose!” yelled Rasher.

“You put a crack in me window!” shouted Strong Bob, with steam coming out of his ears.

  Just then Tubby ran up and blew Strong Bob the Monkey away by bouncing him off his stomach.

“Are you okay? Lets get a chicken leg,” Tubby said to Rasher.

Rasher felt sore but he said, “Yes.”

KFC was closed so they got a ladder and went up on the top of the building.

Tubby smashed the window, but the alarm went off.


Just then the big bad policeman came in a SWAT van.

Tubby couldn’t run because he was so fat.

Rasher thought of a plan…