King Chubski the Great: A Life

St. Patrick’s National School, Mayo, Castlebar, 4th Class, 26th January 2016

King Chubski the Great was seated at the great table eating a giant turkey, all by himself. 

His personal assistant, Tobias Quain, came in to tell him some bad news. The news was that his evil arch nemesis, Hammy the Hamburger, had escaped from prison.

Hammy the Hamburger had left a voicemail saying, “I am coming to eat you.”

Tobias was shaking in his shoes. 

“You know that holiday time you owe me?” asked Tobias in a desperate voice.”Can I have those holidays now, King Chubski?”

“NO! Absolutely not, Quain,” boomed King Chubski. “You have to help me finish this turkey first,” he exclaimed as he blocked the exit with his big, fat belly. 

Just then, they heard a noise. Pauky Bear ran upstairs with a letter in his hand..