The Kiss

St Cronan's NS Swords. 3rd Class, 20th September 2010.
Once upon a time there was a boy called Mean Mike. He was in an evil boarding school that could talk.

The school was called Frightening Shivers.

Mike was selfish and was being mean to people. After school he went around stealing stuff. (When he stole things his evil bed would jump up and throw Mike out of the window!)

During this time, the princess Good-looking Grace was locked up in a castle, that floated in the air. She had long hair, but not long enough to throw down for someone to rescue her.

Mean Mike was busy stealing jewels for the princess but Good-looking Grace did not care. All she cared about was getting out of the castle.

Mean Mike arrived at the castle.

Mean Mike said, “hi.”

The princess replied, “Hi. You’re really good-looking! Can you help me get out of this castle?”

Mean Mike said, “no, kiss me and then I will help you get out of the castle….’

Just then the mother of Good-looking Grace came up and Mean Mike was scared.

The mother was half-man, half-woman, a witch who was stinky and daft. Good looking Grace’s Mum said, “good-looking Grace you have to kiss him!”

“NO WAY!” said Grace….