The Kissing Bunny

Scoil Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock. 4th October 2011.
It was a raining pie day. Everybody was going outside trying to eat pie.

There was cherry pie…with mustard in it! There was also…raw turtle pie!! There was even ketchup and BROCCOLI pie!!!

DJ Bunny woke up late for school, because he had been out DJ-ing the night before.

He had to sneak past his dad, who didn’t know his son was a DJ-ing bunny.

DJ Bunny knew that he needed his trampoline umbrella, as it was raining pies.  

He was deathly afraid of pies. 

Unfortunately, he had brought his trusty trampoline umbrella to the club the night before.

He had met a girl at the club.  Her name was Dr Billie J. J. the Ostrich Scientist.  

DJ Bunny had lent her his trusty umbrella. Now he had no way of getting out of the house for school!...