Kung Fu Krisis

Bennekerry NS, 6th Class, 03/02/2010
Once upon a time in Kung-fu Land, there was an apple called Jack. He did Kung-fu.

One day something terrible happened. His mother-in-law was coming to visit.

Him and his best friend Paddy the Kung-fu Spud did not know what to do. She was furious because they sent her make-up remover.

“Oh no! The evil one has come upon us! Maybe we can hide,” said Jack.

“Hide in the fruit bowl!” said Paddy, “She’ll never find us there.”

 That night they were playing the Playstation all night.

They were playing the new game Applinator. It was a game based on a juicer that hates apples, and anyone that crosses him gets turned into a fruit smoothie.

“Someday I’m going to defeat that guy,” said Jack.

The next day the Applinator burst out of the telly. Jack and Paddy didn’t know what to do. He had broken their new flatscreen.

“Hi! I’ve come to blend you,” said the Applinator.

Just to make matters worse the evil one arrived.
The Applinator roared “If you beat me at a game of Applinator you will not get juiced.”

Jack trashed the Applinator in the game to save himself. The Applinator got mad and took Paddy to his lair.