Lady Glitter Sparkles and the chocolate chip troll army

​Scoil Cholmcille, Ballybrack, County Wicklow, 3rd class, 15th February 2017

Once upon a time there was a troll called Lady Glitter Sparkles. 

Her best friend ever was Chocolate Muffin Man. 

One day she woke up with sparkles and decided she was going to try to turn everyone into her troll army.

She lived in a faraway Candy Land. 

Chocolate Muffin Man came to Candy Land to see Lady Glitter Sparkles. 

“Muffin Man, would you agree with me that we should start a troll army?” Lady Glitter Sparkles said. 

Muffin Man replied “why don’t we create a chocolate chip muffin army instead?”  

Lady Glitter Sparkles didn’t like that idea so she turned him into a troll!  She felt fine about it:  “You idiot!”  she said to her new chocolate chip troll. 

While Lady Glitter Sparkles was sleeping, KFC Chicken man appeared out of nowhere riding in a Southern Fried Chicken Box. 

He had a chicken power that would shoot chickens into people’s mouths and turn them against Lady Glitter Sparkles. 

“Do you know what, I’m going to take Lady Glitter Sparkles down myself” KFC Chicken man cackled…