Larry and Gary Their Greatest Adventure

Victorian Field Day , 11th September  2016

Once upon a time there was a gnome. He wore blue trousers  and a red shirt. He has always wanted to fly. 

His best friend is Larry the albino gorilla. He was afraid his nose was too big to fly.  

Gary lived outside a little cottage in a medium sized  garden. 

His best friend Larry  was a gorilla teddy who lived in the cottage.

One night it was getting dark and he started to get scared. 

Larry came outside to comfort Gary. His owner was away. Gary was crying.

He got a book to tell him a story about Peter Pan.  Gary liked the bit where Peter Pan flew. 

Gary decided to try everything Peter Pan did.  He thinks happy thoughts. Larry goes inside to look for fairy dust. 

While Larry was inside, the owner comes home, Larry runs back inside and Gary is outside in the dark alone. 

Gary climbs up a wall and tries to fly one last time...