Larry Needs Friends

St Marnock’s NS, Portmarnock​, 3rd class, 2nd May 2019

Hi, I’m Larry. I’m going to tell you something that happened last week.

I was facing my greatest fear – a chef! I was afraid of chefs because sometimes people eat lobsters for their dinner.

I was once walking with my parents and I saw a fish place where someone had a plate with lobster on it.

That week, my parents had been really mean to me.

So I ran out of the sea and that’s when the chef tried to catch me.

We ran all around the restaurant. In the restaurant I saw another lobster in a cage.

I picked the lock with my sharp claw and saved my aunt.

Her claws were tied together so I cut the rope off.

We found a sauce pan that was big enough for both of us.

One of my claws was injured but we both used our claws together to scoot the sauce pan out of the restaurant…