The Last Unicorn Gone

St. Thomas' JNS, Jobstown, 2nd Class, Fighting Words Wicklow 11 November 2020

Patricia the Gymnast went to meet her friend Lolly the Fairy.

They went to the gym to do some gymnastics, and after they popped in to McDonalds for dinner. 

“Let’s go back to the gym and do some more gymnastics,” said Lolly. 

“No, let’s go buy a pet unicorn,” said Patricia. 

They walked to the pet shop, doing some cartwheels along the way.

On the way, they met Christiano Ronaldo and stopped to play a quick game of football.

Patricia and Lolly went on their way to the pet shop, but when they got there they saw some robbers steal the unicorn. 

They realised that it was the only unicorn left in the shop.

They chased after the robbers.

As they were running, the robbers threw snakes at Patricia and Lolly. 

They were really scared...