Lazy Conka and the Wibbly Wobbly Monster

St Michael’s National School, Longford, 4th Class, 27 September 2017

Lazy Conka the Monster lived in a dark, dark, dark cave. When people explored the cave, he always had to hide. 

One day, Lazy Conka saw a girl. He thought about leaving, but then he didn’t because she was eating chicken nuggets and he wanted some.

“Can I have some chicken nuggets?” asked Lazy Conka.

“ARGHHHH!!! NO!!!” the girl screamed. She ran away and Lazy Conka followed her.

It made him feel sad and frustrated that the girl was frightened of him.

Outside the cave, Lazy Conka met his friend Bobby McChicken.

“Can you help me get into a proper conversation with that girl?” Lazy Conka asked.

“OK! Sure, you’re my best friend,” said Bobby. “But only if you get me some curry chips?”

Just then, the girl came back…