Lefty Faces Fears of Bananaphobia

St Kevin s BNS, 5th Class
Once two people named Mr. and Mrs. Shabalabadingdong lived in a palace in India.

The palace was called Palace Ding-Dong. They had five slaves, one of them was The non-hairy Henry.

Once, when The non-hairy Henry was fetching tea with his left hand he spilled it all over Mr. Shabalabadingdong. His left hand was bigger than his right hand. His head was shaped like the crystal skull.

Mr. and Mrs. Shabalabadingdong’s greatest ambition was to be in a film with Mel Gibson and for it to be called “Lefty”. They wanted The non-hairy Henry to call Mel Gibson, but he couldn’t because his left hand was too big. He called them with his right hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Shabalabadingdong were on holiday once and slipped on a banana peel. Ever since they were afraid of bananas. That’s why they told Mel Gibson to have no bananas on the snack table.

“This is an outrage!” said Mel Gibson, “I love bananas!”

They didn’t want bananas on set because if the non-hairy Henry ate one his hand would swell up.