The Legend of Chicken Man and Gingerbread Man

St Peter and Paul Junior National School, Balbriggan, 2nd Class, 25th June 2015
Once there was a chicken called Chicken Man. 

He went to meet his best friend called Gingerbread Man. Then they went to a restaurant and got food. 

Gingerbread Man left without Chicken Man because Gingerbread Man was taken by an evil criminal! Chicken Man got angry and turned into a T-Rex.

“RARRR! Where is Gingerbread Man?” roared Chicken Man.

Chicken Man ran out of the restaurant and tried to find Gingerbread Man.

He saw a very fast car and chased after it. 

Gingerbread Man was in the car with the criminal. Gingerbread Man was trying to get the criminal out of the car. 

“I’ll open the door and you get out of the car or else!” said Gingerbread Man.

“I’ll call my best friend to call the police to arrest you.”

Chicken Man reached the car at last. He brought the criminal to jail.

It turned out the criminal was a wizard and had magic powers and he turned Chicken Man into an eyeball. 

“How dare you turn me into an eyeball!” said Chicken Man.

The criminal used his magic powers to break the cell and ran out...