The Legend of Frosty

​Carrigaline National School, County Cork, 01 December 2017

Once upon a time in Antartica, there was a poor dog, called Frosty.

His best friend was Joe the Pig. They were on a mission to find the perfect  owner for Frosty.

Joe the Pig had escaped once from a farm, and he bought a plane and flew to Antartica.

They first met when he found that poor little dog in the middle of the snow,on the mountain.

Joe said “who are you? You look cold”

(Joe knows how to save people because he had been on many adventures with the farmer)

“My name is Frosty whhhhooo arr you?” said Frosty. He was shivering when he said it.

Joe said “what happened?”

“My most feared enemy, Flamey the Fire Cat came and scrawled me on the bone”

Frosty ran away and Joe shouted “Hey! Come back here!”

Joe didn't know why Frosty was running .

He turned around and he saw the hunters!!

Joe ran after Frosty, but he was so fat he bounced off the ground.

When they got to Frosty's house it had been burned down by Flamey the Cat.

That's when Frosty told Joe that he was looking for an owner, then Frosty used his magical powers to  create snow and ice and put out the fire.

Joe the Pig was too fat to fit into the Igloo House.  The hunters came at them on dangerous Hippos...