The Life of Fruit

Belgrove GNS, Clontarf, 1st Class, 10th March 2021

Shoes the strawberry was in the fruit bowl. Shoes was feeling nervous. A giant human boy was about to eat him!

Just then, the boy’s dad came home.

“Hi,” said Dad. The boy was just about to put Shoes in his mouth when he dropped him. Shoes ran away. 

Shoes ran out of the house and into town, until he reached Nolan’s Supermarket.

Then he ran smack dab into another fruit, Ben the banana. 

Shoes said, “Ow, that hurt!” 

“It did?” replied the banana. “Oops, sorry.”

“That’s okay,” said Shoes. Ben was working in the shop. Shoes offered to help Ben to show customers around. 

Ben wanted to save all the fruit in Nolans from being eaten by humans. 

Shoes and Ben worked together to help each other to save the fruit...