The Life of A Pickle Monster

Griffeen Valley Educate Together, 2nd Class, 17/05/10
Once upon a time, Doris the Pickle Monster came out of a jar and decided to find a best friend.

She found an annoying orange called Johnny in a fruit basket.

He was annoying because he repeated the same thing over and over again, all about his beautiful moustache. His face was so ugly no one wanted to be near him.

Johnny had tried to find friends before. Once Doris had tried to eat Johnny the annoying orange but he broke her pickle jar, and they started arguing.

‘You are so annoying,’ said Doris.

‘Kiss me,’ said Johnny.

‘Why would I kiss a silly, annoying, ugly orange like you?’ she said back.

‘Because I want to marry you.’

Doris said, ‘I will never marry you!’ and she ran away on her tiny pickle legs to find her fat giant pickle daddy.

Her fat giant pickle daddy was about to get eaten by a human. And Doris had to save him.

She got some dental floss, threw it up at the mouth, and caught the human’s tooth.

She tied the mouth shut with the dental floss.

She took her dad out of the human’s h     and and . . .