Lightning Journey

Light of Christ National School, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, 5th & 6th Class, 4th May 2016 

She never knew how she had become who she was. Skyler didn’t think that she would be different from anyone else. 

It was midnight and she was all alone in her den in the gadget-treehouse. Skyler hurled flaming lightning bolts out to the world below. 

She was feeling joyful and proud of her powers, but she was a little worried and curious about her history. She was also optimistic that she would find out more. 

All that Skyler could remember was that she woke up one night with a fever and static all around her. She stepped towards the window for some fresh air and saw a flash...

The next morning, Telilah, her best friend, flew over to the tree house.

“Where were you Telilah?” asked Skyler.

“At home in my nest, Skyler. How nosy of you to ask,” hooted Telilah indignantly.

“I was wondering -  could you help me?” asked Skyler. “Each day I’m feeling more and more curious about my past history. My powers are stopping me making friends. No offense.”
“I may be an owl and I may know how to shapeshift, but I can’t go back in time,” Telilah replied.

Skyler said, “Well, maybe we don’t have to go back in time. Maybe we could try and research my family tree and try to find my parents.”

The next day, the two friends set off on their journey. They had to watch out for Stanley, the evil villain snail. As they were walking along, they tried not to act suspiciously.

They knew that Stanley would have his sluggish minions watching out for them. Skyler also knew they were getting close when she noticed the slimy tracks along the ground...