A Lizard's Tale

​Gaelscoil an Bhradáin Feasa, Drogheda, 5th Class, 15 June 2017 

Larry the Lizard was in Tesco looking for teabags and milk. He was feeling lonely. 

“If only I had a house and some friends,” he thought to himself.  

Meanwhile, in Oscar the middle-aged man’s apartment, Susan the cat knocked over a mouldy carton of milk.

It spilled onto her pet lizard, turning it into a super lizard. 

The super lizard went on a rampage. He spotted Larry on the street.

Larry became aware of a putrid smell resembling old gym socks. 

He saw a monstrous, hideous creature coming towards him.

Larry ran into IKEA.

He climbed into a box and cried himself to sleep.

When Larry woke up, he could hear snoring. 

“Who’s that?” he thought. He felt scared. 

“Hello, my name is Carson the Chair,” came a calm, deep, wise old voice.  

“Wooaaah,” Larry said, shocked…