Lizzie’s Big Dream

St Brigid’s GNS, Glasnevin. 6th Class, 15th April 2016

One day Lizzie was in a waiting room in a theatre. She was waiting to audition for a big role. Her best friend Robert was there to support her.

Lizzie looked around at all the other people in the room and wondered if they were as nervous as she was. Her heart was racing.

“Are you okay?” Robert asked.

“No, not really. But I’ m going to do it,” Lizzie replied. “Nothing can get in my way now.”

“Well, you know what happened last time,” said Robert.

“Yeah,” said Lizzie. “Complete disaster.”
The last time Lizzie had tried out for a role, someone had put super glue on the chair. When the director called her in, she couldn’t get off the chair. Everyone had started laughing. 
Lizzie wanted the role really badly so she auditioned anyway, even though the chair was stuck to her bum. 

She didn’t get the part. 

After thinking about it for a while, Lizzie came back to herself. 

“That had to be the work of Megan,” said Lizzie. “She knew I could’ve got that part.  She’s so jealous of me.”

“Speak of the devil, here she comes,” said Robert. “Act normal.”

Megan passed by with her friend Ashley. She flicked her hair and said to Lizzie, “Good luck. You’re going to need it”. 
Ashley said, “Yeah. You’re going to need it.”
“Leave the thrash talk to me, Ashley,” Megan said. 

Lizzie said to Megan, “Why are you here anyway? You’re not going to get the part.”

Robert nudged Lizzie. “You’re next!”

Lizzie got up and gave a sigh of relief that her chair wasn’t stuck to her. She went out into the theatre to audition…