The Lonely Dragon

Esker Educate Together National School 2nd Class 31st January 2011
One day, Brian the dragon and Katie the princess were in Brian’s cave having tea.

Brian lived with his pet cat and he had one other friend, a savage wolf. Brian would have liked more friends but people were afraid of him.

“Can you help me make more friends?” Brian asked Katie.

Katie said, “ Of course! You should have a party and invite everyone”.

“But they live near the sea and I’m afraid of water and, I think they are afraid of me too,” Brian replied.

Katie said, “It’s okay. I’ll invite them for you.”
The two friends decided that it would be a fancy dress party and Katie will look after the decorations.

Katie went to the village to invite everyone to the party but they didn’t want to come because they are afraid of dragons.

Katie went back to Brian’s cave and said, “I don’t know what to do now”.

Brian decided to send them invitations in the post. Everyone liked the invitations so they decided to go to the party.

When they got to the party, they saw that Brian was making fireworks with his snout.

A man from the village put out one of the fires with a bucket of water.

Brian was so afraid he flew back into his cave.