Lord of the Wings

St. Vincent de Paul GNS, 6th Class, 21/06/10

“We’ve worked too hard to get this far, you’ll put back on the weight!”

Harry the Hedgehog is riding a broccoli exercise bike, with a marshmallow dangling in front of him, for motivation.

He is trying to lose his spikes.

Lucinda Shellymunchkin is trying to help him to lose his spikes, but she is more concerned with getting her own plate of spicy chicken wings.

Lucinda decides to go on a quest to visit her Crazy Uncle Boris, to get his famous secret recipe for the spicy chicken wings.

Lucinda does not know that Boris in not her real uncle. 

He is a paper shredder with a Shellymunchkin wig on!

He is trying to keep her from getting his recipe and putting him out of business....