Losing Jack

5th/6th Class, Central Model School, Marlborough St., D1. 30th April 2009
One day Oisín, Jack and Alberto were playing hide-n-seek in the back yard. Alberto won. He always won because he was imaginary.

“Alberto, you’re such a cheater!” Oisín said.

“I’m not cheating,” Alberto said, “you made me this way.”

“What do you mean I made you this way?” Oisín said. “I didn’t make you this way. I wanted you to be smarter. You’re not the imaginary friend I wanted.”

Jack ran over to Oisín. Because he couldn’t see Alberto, Jack thought that Oisín was mad at him. This made Jack a bit annoyed and he wandered out of the backyard.

Jack heard a noise in the forest and it distracted him further away from Oisín.

He followed the noise through the dark and wet forest. There were lots of mysterious things around, like insects and things with beady eyes.

Jack had never been this far in the forest before without Oisín. Jack was scared, freaked out, lonely, tired and hungry.

He saw a figure in the distance and could still hear the noise getting louder. Jack thought the noise sounded like a screech.

Jack went towards the screech to see what it was...